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Encounter Time

Apr 2, 2019

Lotham, Patrick, Gimble and Hardir head to the Broken Teeth Tavern, search for Answers, and end up in a magical, over-the-top bar brawl.


Encounter Time is a tabletop roleplaying actual play podcast focused on collaborative worldbuilding, group storytelling and memorable moments. New campaign episodes are released every other Tuesday wherever podcasts can be found.

HOME, the show's current campaign, is set in a unique fantasy world facilitated by homebrew-modified Dungeons and Dragons (Fifth Edition).

Hosted by Christian Sorrell (@real_meatcastle)
Featuring Tom Otero (@lockebyproxy), Evan Lewis (@epgelion), and Kevin Masterson (@crocodil3fundee)
Produced by Christian Sorrell
Music by Hyboria (